choose two 2 primary sources that were assigned readings between 1 18 and 2 08 you can find these on the canvas site for our wf lecture section amh 2020 001 on the modules page the two sources you choose must both relate to the same theme or topic

In your paper, you will follow the five steps for analyzing a primary source that we learned in class for each primary source, and then you will include a final section that puts the two primary sources into conversation with one another. Please note that the format for this paper is different from a typical paper structure. Follow the Paper Format directions (on p. 3):

1) The first section of your paper should provide an explanation of the relevant historical context for both sources – that is, this is one context section that covers both documents – (what was happening at the time that is helpful in understanding both documents). Be sure to include a discussion of the situation of the specific groups in the U.S. from which the two authors came (i.e., if one document is by a wealthy industrialist and the other is by a pro-union activist, you should discuss not only the broader context of the time period, but also what the general situation was for wealthy industrialists and for industrial workers and unions at the time). You must include specific, detailed information (full names, dates, etc.), examples, and explain all of your information so that someone who is smart but is not taking this course can understand what you’re talking about;

2) For document 1, identify and explain the source’s author/creator (who created the source, and what do you know about him/her/them that is important to understanding the source?). How does knowing this information help you to understand the source?;

3) For document 1, identify and explain the source’s intended audience, and explain how you know this. How does this information help you to understand the source?; 4) For document 1, identify and explain the source’s argument (what is it saying and why?). Be specific and detailed;

5) For document 1, explain the historical significance of the source (What does the source tell us about that period of history? Why is this source historically important?).

6) Repeat steps 2-5 for document 2 (author, audience, argument, and significance).

7) Then, after you follow the above steps for each document, include a final section that explains how the two sources relate to one another and why the conversation between those two sources is historically significant/important. This section should include answers to the following: How do the sources relate to one another? Do the sources agree with one another or disagree? Taken together, what do the two sources (and their agreement or disagreement) tell us about the historical period in which they were created? Why is this information important?

Each of the above sections should be at least one full paragraph in length (3-8 sentences), with the exception of the Context section, which should be at least two paragraphs. Your paper should also include complete sentences and correct spelling, grammar, syntax, and punctuation, as well as proper Chicago style footnotes for all quotations and all specific information from the textbook and primary sources that you paraphrase.