how to incorporate existential therapy as treatment


I need help on the Case Study of Alicia (see below). Please include a general description of the patient, Alicia, and her issue, depression, as well as the theoretical orientation, Existential Therapy to address the issue. Existential Therapy uses concepts such as self-awareness, freedom and responsibility, intimacy and isolation, meaning in life, death anxiety, and authenticity. I attached 2 scholarly articles on Existential Therapy to use as references. Thank you!!

The format should be MS Word document, 1-2 pages, double spaced, 12-point New Times Roman, APA citation formatting.

CASE STUDY – Alicia and Depression:

Alicia is a 29-year-old engineer. In early November she started to feel blue and she was finding it difficult to be motivated to do much. For the first couple of weeks, Alicia rationalized that her gloomy feeling was due to the increased darkness from daylight saving time which always made her feel a little sad every year, even when she was a little girl. This time, Alicia was not coming out of it like she had in the past. Her lack of motivation was increasing and she was having a hard time “faking it” to friends and family. Although Alicia is usually a fairly happy and optimistic person, since November she has convinced herself that other people have a more meaningful life than she does. Activities that Alicia used to enjoy became uninteresting and a chore, so she began doing them less and less. She no longer accepted invitations from her friends to go out shopping and dancing, two of her all time favorite things. By the middle of February, Alicia would only leave the house to go to work although she found it a huge effort to do so and thought everything she worked on was “meaningless”. She began to feel hopeless about the future, and was worried about losing her job because of her poor attitude and high absentee rate so she decided to take two weeks off to try to pull herself together. Alicia went to her family doctor and was prescribed anti-depressant medication. A month later, nothing had changed. These are the reasons why she is presenting for therapy today.