can you please describe the semiannual production plan for new product service at campbell s soup company

Create a semiannual production plan for your new business idea, product, or service using notional demand and inventory data. This initial production plan is based on your market estimates of what you intend to sell and produce.

The final paper is managing the project to implement your intended new product/service into the marketplace, but you have to create a production plan that is supported by your market forecasts, and that is the purpose of this assignment.

Prompt: The plan should replicate the techniques in the text and can be submitted in a basic tabular (spreadsheet) format. It must include the following:

-Estimates of labor hours consumed

-Estimated number of worker requirements considering a standard work week, current inventory levels, receiptsof new inventory during each month, and varying demand levels for each month of production

For service businesses that do not includeinventory or raw goods for the assemblyline, the inventory of the support materials/equipment or consumable materials can be used.

Specifically, the following critical elementsmust be addressed:

-Create a semiannual production planusing notional demand and inventory.

-Estimate the labor hours consumed.

-Estimatethe number of worker requirementsconsidering a standard work