Binary Code Recognition…………………………..

PIC and LCDYou are required to write an assembly code for the PIC16F877a to display the following on the LCD:First line: your student number (if two students are working together, then they only need to display the student number of one of them, i.e., the one that you choose to recognize)Second line: you are to display the received inputs in a way that is exactly similar to what you have implemented for the CPLD. In other words, the second line will initially have nothing to display, then as inputs are received they will be displayed one by one. When the fifth input is received, then ‘-C’ will be displayed if matching your 5 bit sequence, alternatively ‘-E’ will be displayed. You are also expected to display the number of received bit so far in the second last position of the second line. The 7-segment display and LCD are expected to be fully synchronised.(So only require answer for the 3rd page of attached document)Thanks