The total submission for this assignment should consist of two files: 1. A file containing the Case. 1 answer below »

The total submission for this assignment should consist of two files:

1. A file containing the Case Study Evaluation Report and the SAP Reflective Essay and Journal Entries. A Word document (.doc or .docx) is preferred but a refined text file format (.rtf) is also acceptable.

2. A second file containing only the SAP Exercise 2 answers. These will need to be collated into one file by cutting and pasting into either a .doc, .docx, .rtf, or a .pdf file.

Instructions for submission:

1. Submit the FINAL version of file containing the Case Study Evaluation Report, SAP Reflective Essay and Journal Entries to Turnitin for review as instructed on the course Study Desk.

a. If your Turnitin report is acceptable, it is ready for submission.

b. If the Turnitin report stands at more than ten percent, you should revise the applicable sections before submitting. Even if it is below ten percent but there is a significant match with the work of another student, some revision is advisable.

2. You should not submit your Turnitin report as we are able to access them in Turnitin.

3. Submit your assignment file and your SAP exercise file electronically via EASE by the due date. The EASE link will be available on the CIS3009 StudyDesk.

4. If you experience issues with the submission process please:

1. Check and ensure that the size of each file is less than 5MB and that it is either a .doc, .docx, .rft or .pdf file type (as per instructions above), then attempt to submit again,

2. If you continue to have problems submitting, contact AskUSQ for technical assistance,

3. If no technical causes are identified and you continue to have problems submitting, send me an email with your name, student number and details of the problem you are experiencing and I will advise you what to do next.

4. Please DO NOT send your assignment files via email.

SECTION A: CASE STUDY (35 marks) In-text citation and references (or sources) are required using the Harvard referencing style

This section is based on the following case study which can be accessed via the CIS3009 StudyDesk.

Brown, V & Vessey, I 2001, 'NIBCO's "Big Bang"', Communications of the Association for Information Systems, vol. 5, no. 1, pp. 1-42. As an external consultant, you have been hired by a competitor, OCBIN, to analyze the way NIBCO implemented its SAP ERP system and to identify issues that when addressed would create a better outcome. You are to present your analysis in the case study format to OCBIN’s CEO Mr. F. Brown. Your tasks: 1. Read the complete case study to ensure you fully understand the SAP implementation and its outcomes. 2. Use your knowledge of the Motiwalla & Thompson textbook, chapters 5-9 inclusive and at least 4 academically sound external sources, to develop your report. 3. As the case study highlights many issues, too many to be addressed in this assignment, you are required to restrict your analysis to following topics: a. The objectives for adopting an ERP system b. Implementation strategies c. Vendor selection d. Knowledge transfer e. Critical success factors f. Organisational commitment. 4. Your report should discuss the points above and determine their effectiveness of the Implementation Process (in relation to the above topics only), and provide suitable alternatives to ensure that OCBIN’s implementation of an SAP ERP system would have a better outcome. Length: 2500-3000 words.

SECTION B (15 marks) – SAP Practical Exercise 2, Journal and Reflective Essay In-text citation and references (or sources) are required for the reflective essay using the Harvard referencing style

SAP Exercise 2, Journal and Reflective Essay.

1. Complete the SAP exercise as directed in tutorials 7-9 and record the outputs in a word or refined text file.

2. Continue to keep a journal of your activities and experience of using SAP. Include a copy of your full journal as an appendix to the reflective essay. Reflective Essay: Using your journal written as you completed both SAP exercises, write an essay of between 800 and 1200 words reflecting your end user experiences of the SAP software. To assist you in your reflection, you must: Identify five appropriate end user criteria with which to evaluate the SAP software. The five criteria should be based upon the course readings and your research of suitable academic and highly regarded industry papers. That is, this essay should be based on your journals but should also draw upon the theoretical knowledge you have gained during the semester.

In the allocation of marks, your inputs in the SAP GBI database (as shown in a SAP report of your activity by User ID), your submitted journal and SAP exercise outputs will be taken into account. Please note, no marks will be given for this section if the SAP report generated does not produce a record of any activity by your User ID).