ReflectionYou have come a long way since you started your Program of Study at Walden University. Now

ReflectionYou have come a long way since you started your Program of Study at Walden University. Now that your baccalaureate in the health sciences is almost complete, you will have an opportunity to reflect on your experiences and share your insights with your colleagues.To prepare for this Discussion:Review the documents in the Program of Study link in the left navigation barConsider any insights, knowledge, or experiences you’ve gained throughout your Program of StudyBy Day 4, post a thoughtful response to the following:What were the strengths and challenges of this program?Has it met, exceeded, or failed to meet your expectations? How so?What major challenges did you face, and how did you handle them?What would you recommend to someone just starting this program?Describe three lessons you learned during the program, and describe how you have or might use these experiences to enrich future work.please put it an apa format citation300 to 350 wordsthis is the program of studyHLTH 4900: CapstoneProgram Resource List for theBS in Healthcare Management ProgramResourcesCtrl + Click on the Academic Guides link below toaccess your required Learning Resources for each of the BSHS courses listedbelow: 1000: Conceptsof Health PromotionHLTH 1005: Contextof Healthcare DeliveryHLTH 2100: Principlesof EpidemiologyHLTH 2105: Introductionto Research Methods and AnalysisHLTH 2110: Behavioraland Cultural Issues in HealthcareHLTH 2115: Agingacross the LifespanHLTH 2120: HealthInformaticsHLTH 3100: Ethicaland Legal Issues in HealthcareHLTH 3105: InterdisciplinaryPerspectives in HealthcareHLTH 3110: CurrentIssues in Healthcare Policy and PracticeHLTH 3115: Publicand Global HealthHLTH 4000: Introduction to HealthManagementHLTH 4100: Healthcare Organization Theory and BehaviorHLTH 4105: Healthcare Finance and Economics HLTH 4110: Healthcare Quality and SafetyHLTH 4115: Strategic Planning andMarketing in Healthcare HLTH 4120: Managing the Healthcare Workforceplease put it an apa format citation