On the following essay find grammar errors and organized better. Going to school it’s a big…

On the following essay find grammar errors and organized better.

Going to school it’s a big decision, you need to think about how you are going to pay for classes and what you want to study, but the most important decisions that you need to consider as students, it’s how much time you have, to go to a classroom or online classes. The flexibility ’s the most important thing that you must think about and so much more.

Online classes offer flexibility to students; this is a beautiful option for those who must work and have families. Online courses provide a better schedule, and you can login to your online class when it’s more convenient for you. Majority of online classes are based on a weekly program, giving you the option to read, participate in discussions and complete assignments when it’s convenient for you.

Traditional education, this is the best option if you have more free time to attend a classroom, and you will still have a flexible schedule. Some schools have night classes, but one thing you must keep in mind is that you need to make time to travel, and expect cancelations of classes due to the weather.

Interaction, when you are in a classroom face to face creates a better dynamic for the class; if you have any questions or you didn’t understand something you can get an answer or a solution to your issues instantly. Online classes absence this interaction, you would have to send an email to your instructor or a chat. You wouldn’t get the same relationship that you would have in a traditional classroom.

Both traditional and online education requires discipline and self-motivation, it’s up to you to stay on track. Online school, you need to be self-motivated; you need to push yourself to get the reading of the week done, and to find the time to do some assignments, this is not an easy task because you can be procrastinated and be late all the time on your homework. The best solution for this is to create a schedule that works for you in your busy life.

On a traditional education, it can be more comfortable, you need to attend a classroom; you are required to participate in a classroom maybe twice a week. What makes it more accessible is that you would have an instructor that would remind you of assignments or give you time to work during class.

Assignments and test, in a traditional classroom you can have, written work, analysis, oral presentations, and examinations. Online classes have a limit in the types of assignments you can work on; you will get graded on papers, assignments, and discussions.

Equipment, on traditional education you are required to have a book, pen, and paper; depending on what class you are taking. Most of the facilities offer libraries where you can use a computer for any research or assignment that you need to do.

Online classes required, books, pen, paper and most important a computer or laptop. You want to have a good computer, and reliable internet. You don’t want to find yourself in a situation where is almost midnight, you didn’t have time during the week to finish your assignment, you are about to be done and ready to turn it in, and your computer crashes, or your internet goes out. And you need to know the basics of how to operate a computer.

The decision is yours, is not right or wrong answer. It comes down to personal preference, and know what’s best for you. If you put all the effort to traditional or online education, you will get the results that you are seeking. Do a self-evaluation and decide what’s best for you.