Small-Group Presentation: Getting to Know Each other Many business organiza

Small-Group Presentation: Getting to Know Each other
Many business organizations today use teams to accomplish their goals. To help you develop speaking, listening, and teamwork skills, your instructor may assign team projects. One of the first jobs in any team is selecting members and becoming acquainted.

Your Task. Your instructor will divide your class into small groups or teams. At your instructor’s direction, either (a) interview another group member and introduce that person to the group or (b) introduce your- self to the group. Think of this as an informal interview for a team assign- ment or for a job. You will want to make notes from which to speak.

Your introduction should include information such as the following:

a.    Where did you grow up?

b.    What work and extracurricular activities have you engaged in?

c.     What are your interests and talents? What are you good at doing?

d.    What have you achieved?

e.    How familiar are you with various computer technologies?

f.     What are your professional and personal goals? Where do you expect to be five years from now?

To develop listening skills, team members should practice good listening techniques (see Chapter 2) and take notes. They should be prepared to discuss three important facts as well as remember details about each speaker.