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Welcome to Examination 2. You will be allowed 45 minutes to complete this examination the time is posted on the right side of your screen. Pace yourself so that you have submitted your answers and have completed the examination before the time is up. Don’t get hung up on one question. If you cannot answer, proceed on to the next question. You can always come back to the one you have skipped if you have time left over at the end. You have completed a question by looking for a CHECK MARK below the question number. Remember to click on “SAVE and VIEW NEXT” before proceeding to the next question. If you want to skip a question and come back to it later, simply click on “NEXT QUESTION.” Please TURN OFF YOUR CELL PHONES! You MUST remain on the examination page at all times. Sadly, I must inform you that each examination is being monitored and any violation of these rules will result in an instant “F”. By clicking on “Begin Assessment” you are verifying and agreeing with the terms of these evaluations as outlined in the syllabus. You are hereby acknowledging that you will not be using any study aids and that the completion of this examination is taking place without any outside assistance. You may therefore begin: Relax, take a deep breath, shake out the jitters, and do well. You know you can!