Marketing Plan/fictitious idea/ service –

Marketing Plan/fictitious idea/ service
Order Description
I need a marketing plan based on a fictitious idea/ service, giving all the elements that a good marketing plan would have. I will provide the Introduction so you know what the proposed idea is. I will need the following: SWOT Analysis, Objectives, target market Strategy, Marketing MiX, Implementaion-Evaluation- Control.
The idea / service will be for the company “Lowes – the home improvement store” . The service is a full service dog kennel, located at every Lowes store, where customers can bring their dogs and place them in the kennel so they can shop without leaving their dog at home. It is meant to encourage customers with dogs to not hesitate to bring them along. The service will charge each customer by the hour at a low cost to the customer. The kennels are covered and air-conditioned and maintained, so all the customer must do is drop the dog off and shop worry free.