The length of your answers will be guided by the description in each assessment, for example: Type..

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The length of your answers will be guided by the description in each assessment, for example:

Type of Answer Answer Guidelines



Short Answer 4  typed lines = 50 words, or


5  lines of handwritten text

Long Answer 8 typed lines = 100 words, or


10 lines of handwritten text = 1 ⁄3of a foolscap page

Brief Report 500 words = 1 page typed report, or


50 lines of handwritten text = 1 1 ⁄2foolscap handwritten pages

Mid Report 1,000 words = 2 page typed report


100 lines of handwritten text = 3 foolscap handwritten pages

Long Report 2,000 words = 4 page typed report


200 lines of handwritten text = 6 foolscap handwritten pages

How should I reference the sources of information I use in my assessments?

Include a reference list at the end of your work on a separate page. You should reference the sources you have used in your assessments in the Harvard Style. For example:

Website Name – Page or Document Name, Retrieved insert the date. Webpage link.

For a book: Author surname, author initial Year of publication, Title of book, Publisher, City, State


For this task, you are to write a report about a time you have provided individualised support to a client in the community services industry. If you have not provided individualised support for a client in the community services industry, please complete this in conjunction with your observation task. Your report must include details on the following:

How you determined the support needs of the client, including:

How you clarified your own role in implementing the plan

Processes you followed to confirm the plan details with clients, and their families and carers if appropriate

How you ensured that the client was aware their rights and of complaints procedures

How you provided support services for the client, including:




What you did to prepare for the support activities, include information regarding assembling and required equipment

How you developed and maintained trust with the client

What methods you used to show respect to all involved throughout the process

If you sought any assistance throughout delivering the support

How you monitored your support activities, including:

How you monitored your own work

How you involved the client in discussions regarding their support

Did the plan require reviewing? If so; why, who did you discuss it with and how did that discussion support the client’s selfdetermination?

All information regarding the reporting and documentation you completed as part of your support


The following questions may be answered verbally with your assessor or you may write down your answers. Please discuss this with your assessor before you commence. Short Answers are required which is approximately 4 typed lines = 50 words, or 5 lines of handwritten text.

Your assessor will take down dot points as a minimum if you choose to answer them verbally.

Answer the following questions either verbally with your assessor or in writing.

How would you work with a person to identify actions and activities that support their needs in relation to the individualised plan?

What would you do to ensure you provided support to a person according to the duty of care and dignity of risk requirements?

What assistance can you provide to ensure a person maintains a clean, comfortable, safe and healthy environment?




How would you respect individual differences in people?

To support a person’s self-determination what should you do?

What information do you need to keep confidential?

What would you have to do to comply with your organisations reporting requirements?

If you identify a situation of risk what should you do?

What should you do if you identify a client whose needs have not been met?

How should documentation be maintained?

How would you store client information?

What are two factors that affect people using your support services?

What practices have you used to support skill maintenance and development?

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