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Observational study at a local park. ( Im located at San jose, So you can just google to find the information that you need about the park .)

Instructions:During the course of the semester, you will go to a local park, such as, Alum Rock Park, Rancho San Antonio, or Edgewood Park and complete a two (2) hour minimum observational study.The observations must take place in a natural setting not a city park groomed by humans, nor can it be done on campus.During your study all phones, ipods/ music players and electronic devices must be turned off (even better left at home or in your car).You are to do this study by yourself, no classmates, and friends or significant others should be with you for the study period.You can take lunch and definitely bring a notepad to write all of your observations on and make a drawing of your surroundings.

The idea is to describe where you are, all the sights, sounds, smells, textures (by touching things such as plants, tree bark) and organisms that you witness over the 1-2hour period.

You will need to word process your answers to the following questions and turn them in to your lab instructor in hard copy or electronically via Canvas by the due date and time.

1.What location did you go to? What date and time did you go?

2.What type of habitat did you choose to do your observational study in, forest, woodland, grassland, chaparral, riparian, pond, or beach?What were the sounds that you heard in the habitat? What did it smell like?Was the sun shining or was it cloudy?Fully describe the habitat and make a drawing (not photo) of where you were.

3. What types of plants did you see? How many different plants did you see? What did the plants look like, were they flowering, how did the flower look and smell?

4.How many different types of animals did you see? Did you see birds in the sky or sitting on a branch, on the ground?Did you hear any birds singing? How many different songs could you discern?Did you see any mammals? Any reptiles? Any fish? Any amphibians? Any insects?What did they look like? What did they sound like?

5.What ecological concepts that you know describe anything that you observed today.Be specific in naming the ecological concept and how it relates to your observational study.

6. Provide a drawing (not a photo) of your location. We do not expect these to be works of art, have fun.

Grading Rubric:Student name:______________________________________________

_____________/ 40 – Content, all the information requested in #1-5 above is included.

Comments from instructor:


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