explain relevant public relations concepts, theories and contexts; describe and critique current…

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2 Assessment Information
2.1 Unit Learning Outcomes
This unit introduces the student to the theory and research that serves as the foundation of the practice of public
relations. The unit surveys the history of the discipline, the theories on which the discipline is based, and current
models of practice. The unit focuses on understanding how to research and analyse the opinions of organisational
publics in order to develop mutually beneficial relationships with those publics. The contemporary practice of public
relations requires an understanding of a broad range of social science theory and research, and the ability to incorporate
that knowledge in the solution of public relations problems.
1 explain relevant public relations concepts, theories and contexts;
2 describe and critique current practices of the public relations industry;
3 identify and critically assess current issues for public relations practice;
4 explain the value of socially responsible, ethical public relations practice;
5 identify the legal implications for public relations activities;
6 describe and identify publics for public relations clients, issues and activities.
2.2 Approach to Learning
All students are expected to attend a minimum of 80% of classes. Attendance in lectures, tutorials and practicals
is an essential part of academic success and in all units in the Bachelor of Communication/Screen Media/Creative
Industries and related double degrees. Students need to be aware of the issues and fine details of weekly content
and assessment criteria, as they arise week-by-week. Students also informally learn from each other through social
interaction and class group activities.
To ensure you have the best possible chance of success in your units then you must attend 80% of classes – whether
you are enrolled online (zoom) or face-to-face. Please note that where attendance is critical to the completion of
assessments, an attendance mark may be given as part of the overall assessment criteria for that assignment.
Attendance records will be taken in all tutorials and practicals and you will be asked to explain if your attendance
falls below the required minimum without explanation (for example, doctors’ certificates in the case of illness).


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