Discussion posts for Nutrition Class Based on the reading please respond to this in your own opinion

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Discussion posts for Nutrition Class

Based on the reading please respond to this in your own opinion in at least 250 words. Please use MLA when citing anything from the reading.

1.The text proposes looking at culture and the influence on communication through the teaching analogy of an iceberg. Look at all of the characteristics of what is “below” the surface. How do you think these factors affect food choices. These factors are not obvious in talking with most people. In the United States, we are very cautious about talking about religion, politics, or sexual orientation. What are approaches that we can use in communication that do not offend someone while concurrently not invading the person’s privacy?

2.Please respond to this in at least 150 words and list any sources used.

Only a small percentage of the whole iceberg is visible above the surface. In this way, the iceberg is like the mind. The conscious mind is what we notice above the surface while the unconscious mind, the largest and most powerful part, remains unseen below the surface. The part below the surface, is powerful. It’s the things we truly believe it’s how we truly feel inside, what we think about ourselves, what our insecurities are, what are secrets are. This reminds of when my mom when on a strict diet, I remember she would cheat on her diet when she thought no one was watching. This reminds me of the ice berg because she let others see what was above the surface, she wanted people to see that she was working hard on her diet to lose weight. (She was a little overweight at the time). But below the surface, she still wanted to eat foods that she liked, and was ashamed for cheating on her diet.

3.Please respond to this in at least 150 words and list any sources.

Acculturation may lead an individual to adapt to a certain culture, choosing to eat foods accustomed to that particular culture. A person’s socioeconomic status may dictate which foods a person is able to afford, limiting or broadening their range food. A person with a higher-level occupation may also be able to afford better, healthier food than someone with a less prestigious occupation. Individuals with poor health conditions may be forced to select healthier foods, or neglect their health state and continue eating poorly. Religious beliefs can enforce selective diets. According to Kittler, Indians refuse to eat cattle due to their usefulness to the cultural group (13). Based on sexual preference, females may choose to avoid eating garlic in order to attract more males. In order to gain acceptance to a group, people may eat food items accepted by the group which they never have eaten before. Higher educated people may be pickier, selecting high-end food items. People may affiliate with certain policies, demonstrating a strong belief such as veganism, eliminating meat from their diet.

Both verbal and nonverbal communication skills are required in order to prevent from offending someone while not invading their privacy. Group interactions may limit offensive statements towards one’s culture, due to shared cultural and social norms. In order to better understand an individual’s culture, “The challenge is to increase familiarity with cultural communication behaviors, while remaining aware of personal cues and moving toward an interpersonal relationship as quickly as possible” (Kittler, 56). By doing so, we will refrain from making generalizations and stereotyping a culture. The content of the message, along with the speaker-receiver relationship must be evaluated in order for a message to be interpreted effectively. By utilizing these approaches, we are able to prevent offending individuals with differing cultural beliefs.

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