Performing Data Modeling : Produce your conceptual model…

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Assignment nent 412: 15 pwits in Total You are required to perform data modeling on the data below (i.e., draw a conceptual model, implement a physical model, and store data into your model). You might want to review the slides of data mode•ing ranging from Entity, Normal Forms, to Cardinality. PLEASE CAREFULLY READ THE INSTRUCTIONS TO ACCOMPLISH THE THIRD ASSIGNMENTS.
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The Levelling Whisky Galore 101 Dalmatians 102 Dalmatians
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6/26/2016 7390000 11/17/1996 54000000 11/21/2000 85000000
Romance; Comedy 4* 5 US Comedy; Family 5; 6 US Comedy; Family
5; 6
1. Produce your conceptual model that reflects the above data by the following procedures (8 points in total): a. Extract (or define) business rules, from the data i. Please make sure that your business rules must be aligned with your relationship matrix (strong & weak entities), Crow's Foot model, and data types. b. Determine strong entities by relying on your extracted business rules C. Construct a relationship matrix, by using your strong entities and by inferring events between strong entities (use Word or Excel) i. Inferred events (in terms of verbs) will be your weak entities. d. Draw your conceptual model by Crow's Foot notations, using (Visio) i. Indicate cardinalities when drawing relationships i.e.,) a Crow's Foot by Visio
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• Deliverable: Your Business Rules (2 points), Relationship Matrix (2 points), Crow's Foot Model with Cardinality (4 points)
Convert your conceptual model using DDL (Data Definition Language) into a physica model (use SQL Server) (5 points in total). a. Create strong entities (Naming convention: i.e., Movies JaebongSon) is Entity integrity must be implemented b. Create weak entities i. Referential integrity must be implemented ii. Entity integrity must be implemented C. Draw your physical model using SQL Server

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