tourism question writing essay 01

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Total 2 questions, each question write about 150-200 words. Total 1 page work.

Question 1. The impacts of tourism development on destinations have become visible all over the world. Throughout the course, we have analyzed the impacts from three perspectives: economic, environmental, and socio-cultural. Crucial to these impacts is that the tourism industry commodifies local culture. Please analyze tourism impacts from these three perspectives. In order to answer this question, you may consider several steps to proceed with (use attached file 1& 2):

  • Define the commodification of culture in relation to Week 5-1 reading (5 points);
  • Analyze tourism impacts from the three perspectives (economy, socio-cultural, and environmental, each perspective accounts for 3 points, 9 points in total);
  • Give one concrete example of tourism development you are familiar with to elaborate tourism impacts (6 points)

Question 2. Some scholars argue that ecotourism is not automatically sustainable. Some others emphasize that there is an obvious gap between attitudes and behaviors in terms of tourism sustainability. Do you think whether the practices of ecotourism can contribute to sustainable development? Why? (use attached file 3&4)

  • Define ecotourism and sustainable development respectively (4 points)
  • Analyze whether the practices of ecotourism can contribute to sustainable development (referring to Wall’s article on Week 7-2) (6 points)
  • Explain how corporate social responsibility can facilitate sustainable tourism development (5 points)

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