busn 470 week 7 main

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post should be between 200-300 words Your required peer reviewed journal articles references and citations should be in APA format.

  • Title page with a “Running head:” page number (top right), your name, course, date, and an appropriate title.
  • Use double space, Times New Roman, and 12pt font.
  • Provide a short introduction stating your position and argument.
  • Support your argument.
  • When all is done, give a brief conclusion.
  • Upon citing works, add a reference page.
  • These APA additions are NOT a part of the word count for the discussion.

Please note the following Grading Guidelines for Weekly Dialogues; Week 2 through 7.

There are certain expectations that transcend the grading of a dialogue in this class. The syllabus and Bb content state that students are to follow the APA Writing Style & Formatting Guidelines, include two peer reviewed journal article citations, integrate a Bible scripture quote and increase the exchange of knowledgeable ideas that bring depth and insight to the dialogue.

The dialogues are somewhat subjective, therefore grade reduction usually results from the initial post lacking one or more of the following:

Did not include a separate Title Page = minus 3 points

Did not include a separate Reference Page = minus 3 points

Did not include one or both peer reviewed journal article citations = minus 3 points each

Note: a Textbook, Wikipedia, Investopedia, etc. are NOT peer reviewed

Did not include a quoted and APA cited Bible Scripture (complete verse) = minus 10 points

Compose an initial post dialogue that integrates a complete Bible scripture verse and two peer reviewed journal article citations onto your initial post using APA and transcends all aspects of the following question(s) comprehensively and collectively as a single post.


  1. Explain transformational and transactional leadership styles and give examples of each. Identify the conditions under which each is likely to be effective.
  2. To what extent can leaders institute change in their organizations? Practically speaking, how is this accomplished?

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