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ENG 1510: Writing and Rhetoric I – Essay 3: Academic Analysis/Research Paper


Having written both a visual and a textual analysis, you will move to an expanded analysis of an academic text. We will look at how to interpret these scholarly texts, their significance, and rhetorical situation as an interpretive context. This prepares you to read and analyze the scholarly texts that you will use in the rest of college.

We then will apply these skills to analyze three perspectives (do not have to be opposing) on a topic of your choice, related to fairytales and the scholarship surrounding them. We will first present the three perspectives in an unbiased, academic fashion, and make the sources converse by locating and identifying the common ground within the three perspectives. We will conclude the essay by forwarding our own argument and thesis about the topic and effectively “join the conversation”.


In this essay, you will select an issue/subject in fairytale critical scholarship and analyze three perspectives surrounding it. For the first half of the essay, think of yourself as an investigative reporter who uncovers an issue (for example, the rising cost of tuition) and explain what is at stake (why does it matter?). Your job is to analyze different perspectives on your topic and how they interact with each other in an objective fashion. For your conclusion, you will forward your own conclusion about the subject, providing evidence for your claim in the form of research.

Think of this as a research argumentative paper that incorporates three different articles that you want to use to help support and form your new a bright idea of what this text could mean.


▪be at least 2,000 words formatted according to MLA documentation style

▪include cited paraphrases or quotations from your academic text

▪summarize the text in an objective and academic fashion and explain what is at stake

▪include paraphrases and quotations from your sources

▪include a works cited page AND annotated bibliography with at least 6 sources (2 of those sources should be the fairytale introduction from CFT, and the fairytale you are primarily working with)

▪describe and analyze three perspectives—using scholarly sources—and identify the pitch, complaint, and moment in each

▪have your sources “converse” with each other – present a central question regarding your topic that is being discussed and show the different ways your sources are responding to that question

▪root each position in a real person—do not generalize or present abstract positions (for example, “women,” “smokers,” or “students”); instead, discuss real people (for example, “Ms. Joan Collins,” “Tom Radford,” or “Michelle Arm”) who speak for their respective position

▪use the Method to identify binaries and patterns and to make the implicit explicit

▪uncover assumptions of the text and answer the question, “so what?”

▪conclude by offering and supporting with textual evidence your own interpretive context that explains the implications of and/or hidden meanings in the text. Your interpretive context should be interesting and not readily apparent to anyone who reads the text (meaning, your idea is not on “the surface” but offers a deeper insight into the text).

▪Conclude by making your own argument and reaching the point of your thesis


You must draw upon (and cite) your text at least three times to support your analysis. Your essay must include in-text citations and a Works Cited page.

Essay 3: Academic Analysis Grading Rubric

Formatted according to MLA essay style (title, heading, p. #s, etc.)


Includes paraphrasing, quotations, and in-text citations from the texts in the analysis (should be at least one quote/paraphrase/citation in each paragraph except the introduction and conclusion).


Includes a Works Cited page AND an annotated bibliography formatted in MLA style


Introduces the texts, authors, topic and perspectives in an objective manner to a reader unfamiliar with the texts.


Includes a detailed, objective summary of each article and text provided. Resists jumping to conclusion. (Note that you don’t need a separate paragraph for each paper, but should incorporate them into one cohesive summary)


Describes the pitch, complaint, and the moment of the text. Explains what is at stake in the text.


Has smooth, helpful transitions between paragraphs and ideas. Transitions smoothly from summary to analysis and analysis to interpretation.


Uses The Method (5 moves) to uncover interesting, significant, and/or strange details and examines one or a few of these details to uncover binaries and patterns making the implicit claims of the text explicit (you use it in subtle ways. Don’t announce that you are using the method)


Uncovers assumptions made by the text and pushes these to implications and conclusions by answering the question, “so what?”


Grounds each perspective in a real person; avoids generalizations


Presents new insights to a topic that is already happening in literary scholarship


Moves beyond the surface level interpretation and analysis


Presents a strong, identifiable thesis and argument about the texts and topic


Has few grammar and syntax errors. The sentence level writing is clear.


Incorporates at least 6 sources, both primary and secondary.


Overall Score:

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