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I going to upload a example of how the blog should look. Also the theory am writing about is on pg 413 Cultural Identity Development. The case study will also be upload . Some how the its showing all number 1’s but it should be number 1,2,3,4


  1. Name one concept, theory, or research finding that you learned from this week’s reading. You are to provide the page number from where you retrieved this information. (.25 x 2 = .5)
  1. Provide a background of the theory/concept, covering the name of theory, theorist, or concept, and what the theory says about human development or behavior. (.25)
  1. Describe an illustrative example of this theory concept in everyday life. The illustrative example should provide sufficient detail and link your example to specific course concepts. Use examples from your personal experiences, informal observations of those around you, or the media. (.25)
  1. Social development involves learning the values, knowledge and skills that enable children to relate to others effectively and to contribute in positive ways to family, school and the community. This kind of learning is passed on to children directly by those who care for and teach them, as well as indirectly through social relationships within the family or with friends, and through children’s participation in the culture around them. Through their relationships with others and their growing awareness of social values and expectations, children build a sense of who they are and of the social roles available to them.

“The single best childhood predictor of adult adaptation is not IQ, not school grades and not classroom behavior, but rather the adequacy with which the child gets along with other children …”

Hartup, W. (1992). Having friends, making friends, and keeping friends: Relationships as educational contexts.

After reading case study 13.3, address the following in regards to how they relate to, or affect Manuel. (2 points)

  • Emotional distress
  • Address acculturation and assimilation in regards to Manuel. (What efforts could be made by the school to help Manuel feel accepted or included?)
  • Why is it important for Manuel to feel accepted?
  • How does the Zone of proximal development apply to Manuel? Explain repercussions or advantages.

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