reflection on cosmology

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Write a reading reflection on the attached material in the papers “On Modern Cosmology and its Place in Science Education” and “Investigating Student Ideas About Cosmology III: Big Bang Theory, Expansion, Age, and History of the Universe”. Use the rubric below. The reading reflection should be around 250 words long.

Reading reflection prompts: what are the author’s purpose in writing this article? What can you take from it that can be applied in your own classroom? How does the article impact your own physics content and pedagogical knowledge? What connections do you find with the other content you have encountered this week?






Clarity of main points

Main points are clear and easy to comprehend.

The main points are mostly clear, but slightly difficult to comprehend.

Main points are difficult to identify, or writing is difficult to comprehend.

Writing is incomprehensible.


Writing includes many specific details that are related to the main points.

Writing includes some specific details that are related to main points.

Writing includes very few specific details, or there are many details that are unrelated to the main points.

Writing includes no specific details.


The writer connects their main points with the details they have provided and makes a coherent argument.

The writer connects some of their main points to details provided, but the argument is may not be logically clear.

The writer’s arguments or justifications are difficult to follow.

The writer includes no arguments or justifications.


Writing is completely related to the prompt.

Writing is mostly related to the prompt but is occasionally off topic.

Writing is occasionally related to the prompt but is mostly off topic.

Writing is completely unrelated to the prompt.


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