103 follow the instruction to write 3pages paper

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Your goal is to use the tools for editing that you learned during discussion section. Below are two paragraphs about the Turing Test, summarizing the ideas discussed in the French (2000) article assigned for discussion section. Your job is to make these paragraphs better; fix errors, make the writing clear, remove unnecessary information, and add relevant information that’s missing. Your final summary of the French article should be no more than two paragraphs.

Submit your improved summary of the Turing Test using the information from French (2000). In addition, add a paragraph describing the primary issues with the original description. What kind of problems did you feel the need to fix? Why do you believe your description does a better job than the original.

Alan Turing, a British psychologist in the 1950s, had an important goal: creating a way to figure out if computers had intelligence? He came up with a new test called the Touring Test that he used to test different computer programs. The Turing Test is a way to see whether computer programs have intelligence or not. To test this, the Turing Test measures if a computer can trick a human into thinking that they’re talking to another human instead of a computer; if the person is fooled by the computer into thinking they’re talking to a human, then that must mean that the computer is intelligent – people wouldn’t be fooled by a non-intelligent computer program. Turing insinuated that such remarkable evidence of aptitude by the computational system would signify a characteristic form of intelligence embedded within the programming.

Modern scientists still talk about the Turning Test as a way to think about artificial intelligence. Even though most computer programs aren’t trying to emulate humans, we can think about the idea of the Turing Test as a good way to conceptualize what it might mean for computers to have intelligence. Some scientists think that this isn’t very important, or that even if a computer passed the turing Test it wouldn’t tell us much about whether computers have intelligence. The Turing Test now isn’t thought about the same way as it used to be. Instead of having the Turing Test pretend to be a woman, it can pretend to be any person. The Turing Test continues to have lasting impacts on how it is that we think about what it means to be intelligent.

All the work must be original

Turn it in report is required


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