democracy viable option all nations todays world why or why not

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Following World War II, many newly independent countries were shaped by strong leaders like Indira Gandhi, Anwar Sadat, Jomo Kenyatta and Suharto.  Their actions and policies have continued to affect their countries even up to the present.

Write a letter to one historical leader mentioned in this chapter (does not necessarily have to be one of those pictured above).  Using the Internet and other resources, research current developments in your chosen leader’s country.  Research the policies of the historic leader you have chosen, then write a letter to the historical leader to bring him/her up to date a to the impact that leader’s actions and policies have had on the course of development in his/her country.




Some new nations, such as Ghana, agreed to become part of the British Commonwealth.  Other nations, such as Myanmar (formerly Burma), chose not to join.  What factors affected a former colony’s decision to join or not to join the British Commonwealth?



Is Democracy a viable option for all nations in today’s world? Why or Why not?

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