introduction to epidemiology journal article critique

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Your critique should be no more than 4 double spaced typed pages with a type font size of 12.

A cover page and references are not required for this assignment. A critique written on an article other than the article assigned will result in a zero (0) grade.

This critique should be written in an essay format with no numbering or headings included. There will be a significant points reduction should any numbers or headings being included in the critique. Points will also be deducted for answers that contain grammatical and or spelling errors regardless if the answer is correct. The questions presented below are provided as a guide and your evaluation should cover the following:

1- Why was the study done? Were the aims clear?

2- Was the study original? Did the study add to the body of knowledge already available on the subject?

3- Was the study design appropriate? Explain.

4- Who was studied? Describe the population, inclusion and exclusion criteria and sample size.

5- Explain if the data collection methods were appropriate (including was the assessment blind) or not.

6- Were the statistical approaches described and appropriate? Justify your response. Include how systematic bias was avoided or minimized.

7- Were the outcome and exposure measurements appropriately described?

8- How were ethical issues addressed?

9- Were the results reported in adequate detail? Explain and give examples of your response.

10- Were the results appropriate for the methods?

11- Were conclusions justified and supported by the results?

12- Did the discussion put the results in context?

please make sure that you right a complete answer with explanation. Also, No plagiarism.

Thank you.

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