classroom design 1

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Directions: Complete the Organizing for Instruction Rating Sheet (see next page) and reflect on the results by producing a written summary addressing the components below.

1. Complete and submit the Organizing for Instruction Rating Sheet (1 pt)

2. Provide a brief summary of your classroom (grade level, support category, subject, number of students, etc.). (1 pt)

3. Design a diagram of your physical classroom arrangement. (3 pts)

4. Self-Reflect of your classroom arrangements based upon your diagram, rating sheet results on the Organizing Physical Space section, and your experience in the classroom. Indicate strengths and changes you would make that promote learning and a positive classroom environment (5 points)

5. List your classroom rules. Self- reflect on your classroom rules based on rating sheet results from the Classroom Rules section and your experiences in your classroom. Consider if the rules are clear, understandable, enforceable, and result in the desired behavior. Also consider how your rules promote learning and foster a positive classroom environment. (5 pts)

6. Self-reflect on your classroom routines based on rating sheet results from the Establishing Classroom Routines section. Identify at least 3 classroom routines you use regularly in your classroom. Consider if these routines are efficient, effective, and understood by students. Identify at least one additional classroom routine you would like to develop for your classroom to enhance time management and learning.

Submit your completed Organizing Instruction Rating Sheet, classroom diagram, and written summary in the Classroom Design Analysis Assignment folder on

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