communication in the workplace 11

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Discussion Overview

There are many different types of communication used in any organization. Additionally, barriers to communication can contribute to stress on the job. Being able to understand these types of communication and the potential barriers to better understanding each other can help you to better handle these issues in any organization.

Topic 1: Communication in the Workplace

Using the communication process from your Reading and Learning Activity, explain the communication process steps you used to find out about and purchase a product from a store in person.

Just do response each posted # 1 to 3 down below only.

Posted 1

Being a person that does not make too many compulsive purchases, if I am buying something, I likely need it. To that point, on the surface it would appear that there would not be a lot of communication required to complete the action of purchasing. Yet the more I analyze it, the more communication there seems to be. Considering that for me a purchase represents a need, I am not going to just buy the first thing that I come across. I am going to do as much research as I can to ensure that I purchase the item best suited for the need it is to fill. And the only way to collect research is through communication.

Obviously for me the most important step in the communication process for this example is the feedback received during the communication process. More specifically to my need, “The final function of communication is information exchange to facilitate decision making.” (Robbins, 2019, p. 357) In collecting as much feedback as possible the communication process covers multiple channels. For me first is internet research. My queries go out, specifications are fed back. At this point it is critical to note that “Channels differ in their capacity to convey information” (Robbins, 2019, p. 371). If I am not precise in my query, the information the internet feeds back could be more than slightly distorted.

Finally, as I prefer to see and touch before I buy, a trip to a store is likely. The final iteration of the communication process can either be a positive or a negative to the overall purchasing process. If I encounter a knowledgeable associate that sticks to the facts, the communication process is smooth with no additional noise. Now however, I run into an associate that is more interested in commission than assisting in finding the correct item, then the process results in all noise. There is always a third option, which just goes to show how important communications is, no associate. I am sure most people can associate to this one. You have a question that if answered would make your decision easy. But, without it you end up in a 50 / 50 decision, hoping you pick the right one.

Posted 2

Good Evening,

When it comes to purchasing a product from a store in person most of the time I already have in my mind what I am looking for. I typically know at least a few key points of what I am looking for such as brand, or how much I am willing to spend. For example, I went to Bestbuy and got a new TV for my gameroom since my other one just kinda died on me. I already knew I wanted Samsung or LG and wanted to be under $1200. The day I go in i have a one on one talk with a sales person and ask questions about the quality of the product and make sure they know what they are talking about. I also have them show me different products too so I can visually see the difference. I don’t like to take peoples words on things because what one person might like is not what I like. So once I have time to decode the information I then make my choice, which by the way I though was a fantastic deal, 55 in Samsung Q8 serious for $800! That motion rate and detail in the imagines are amazing. The sales man then decodes what I say to them, get my product and checks me out and I am walking away with a new TV under the price I wanted to be at. I hope everyone has a great class week!

Posted 3

Hello everyone,

Utilizing the Reading and Learning Activity, the communication process steps I used to find out about and purchase a product from a store in person I choose the scenario of purchasing a movie ticket. The first step, in which the sender transmits an encoded message is when I communicate with the employee behind the glass asking for movie tickets. As described by Robbins and Judge in 2019, this message is delivered via a channel and can be interfered with outside noise. This often happens at the movie theater and you end up repeating yourself. The message is than received decoded by the recipient. The employee understands my request and begins to act to retrieve the tickets for the movie. Finally my message is complete and decoded with a receipt and the next customer is up. I never realized how many steps there was in communication before this, and it definitely made me think this week.

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