exp 105 l30 metacognitive forum

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Metacognitive Forum [CLO: 2]

This metacognitive forum is intended to help you develop intentional learning practices. It is an opportunity to think about how you processed the learning from the previous week. You are welcome to reference any of the required or supplementary materials, videos, or instructor guidance, as well as anything in the text that was not covered in the discussions.

Complete the following sentence starters to create your post:

  • One new or interesting thing I learned last week was… I found it interesting because…
  • One thing that went well for me last week was…
  • Something I could have done differently last week was… This week I will…
  • After reading the materials and completing last week’s assignments, I’d like to learn more about…

Your initial post is due no later than Day 1, and it must be a minimum of 200 words (including the sentence starters). Each response should be a minimum of 50 words.

Prior week overview


Activity Due Date Format Grading Percent
Metacognitive Forum Day 1
(1st Post)
Discussion 1
Steps of Metacognition Day 3
(1st Post)
Discussion 5
Week 3 Quiz Day 3 Quiz 3
Decoding Tasks Assessment Day 7 Content Assessment 5
FITing Assessment Day 7 Content Assessment 5

Personal Learning Strategies

Day 7 Journal 3

Learning Outcomes

This week students will:

  1. Examine the steps of metacognition.
  2. Decode tasks.
  3. Analyze how FITing Learning Patterns assists in the completion of academic tasks.
  4. Identify self-regulation strategies.


Week 3 walks you through the process of assessing your progress on becoming an intentional learner. The focus of the discussion is on the steps of metacognition and will help you recognize the gap between being familiar with a topic and understanding it deeply. The key to metacognition is to encourage you to manage your own learning instead of passively absorbing material. Then, as part of the metacognitive process, you will practice decoding assignment instructions and FITing Learning Patterns in order to better approach academic tasks. These assessments provide you an opportunity to practice your decoding skills and analyze real-life scenarios that require self-regulation of Learning Patterns. For the journal, you will follow the stories of Vincent, Cari, and Duane as illustrations of the importance of self-regulation of Learning Patterns and intentional learning behaviors.

Required Resources


Johnston, C. A. (2018). Intentional learning for college success (2nd ed.). Retrieved from https://content.ashford.edu/


Ashford University. (Producer). (2018). EXP105 journal (Links to an external site.) [Video file]. Retrieved from https://ashford.mediaspace.kaltura.com/media/EXP10…

  • This video provides information about writing a journal and will assist you in your Personal Learning Strategies Journal this week.
    Accessibility Statement does not exist.
    Privacy Policy (Links to an external site.)

Supplemental Material

EXP105 Week Three: FIT [Interactive media]. (2016). Bridgepoint Education: San Diego, CA.

  • This interactivity provides information about the concept of FIT and will assist you in your FITinig Assessment this week.

EXP105 Week Three: Word Wall [Interactive media]. (2016). Bridgepoint Education: San Diego, CA.

  • This interactivity provides will be used as part of your Decoding Tasks Assessment this week.

Recommended Resources


Ashford Writing Center (Links to an external site.). (http://writingcenter.ashford.edu/)


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