discussion question 500 words and response to a classmate 200 words

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Week 8 Discussion

“Decisions on Health Care Organization Alliances and Regulations” Please respond to the following:

  • From the e-Activity, distinguish the factors that are most important in carrying out a successful health care organization’s merger or acquisition. Defend at least two (2) reasons why health care organization alliances are sometimes necessary. Provide a rationale for your response.
  • Dispute or defend the idea that a government regulation system should be the main regulating body in health care. Predict two (2) consequences of the alternative regulating system being in control. Provide a rationale for your response.
  • “SAMPLE INITIAL DISCUSSION POST” Batrina MartinWeek 1, HSA-505- Health Services Strategic MarketingDiscussion Question 1 The Product Life Cycle The assignment was to assess the value of the Product Life Cycle (PLC) as a tool for product succession planning and related product management activities. Provide an opinion on whether or not the PLC can help health care managers in promoting portfolio planning, strategy planning, strategy formulation, and forecasting. Then, provide one example to support your rationale. In addition, select two stages of the PLC. Describe the methods for strategically and tactically managing products during each of the selected stages. Relate the selected stages to two real-life examples of strategic or tactical initiatives within a health care organization. Assess the Value of the PLCProducts have a life cycle that consist of four stages: introduction of the product, growth, maturity, and decline (Fortenberry, 2010). There is some evidence that… Word Count: References

    “SAMPLE CLASS PARTICIPATION – RESPONSE TO PEER” Batrina MartinWeek 1, HSA-505- Health Services Strategic MarketingDiscussion Question 1 Latasha Wright, I enjoyed reading your post, and I learned a new perspective about the Product Life Cycle (PLC). According to Kepro (2006), the PLC in healthcare is a “Mature” product and will need to be rejuvenated or face decline. In addition, from my research I identified two stages of the PLC… Word Count: 207 ReferencesFortenberry, Jr. J. L. (2010). Health care. marketing: Tools and techniques (3rd ed.). Sudberry, MA: Jones and Bartlett.Kepro, J., Mosher, B., Anderson, C., & Stevens, P. (2006). The product life cycle of healthcare in the United States. Retrieved from http://ispub.com/IJHca/4/2/5390.

    Using the DQ Samples format will provide you with APA experience. please provide two separate word documents and indent each paragraph . I provide you with sample it has to exactly like samples.


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