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Please submit the Excel file and Word file at the same link where you downloaded the assignment document.

Assignment 1 problems

  • A human resources manager at Beta Technologies, Inc., has collected current annual salary figures and related data for 52 of the company’s full-time employees. The data are in the file Ass1-1.xlsx. In particular, these data include each selected employee’s gender, age, number of years of relevant work experience prior to employment at Beta, the number of years of employment at Beta, the number of years of post-secondary education, and annual salary.
    • Indicate the type of data for each of the six variables included in this set.
    • Use the frequency array function to form a frequency table for Beta Experience, grouping the variable into 5 equal classes beginning at 0.
    • Using StatTools, construct a frequency table and histogram with 9 classes for the ages of the employees included in this sample. Is the distribution symmetrical or skewed to the left or right?
    • Using Vlookup, recode the age variable into a new variable REC-AGE in column G, with employees younger than 30 recoded as “Young”, those from 30 to younger than 50, “Experienced”, and those 50 or above, “Mature”. Print the first 5 rows of the results.

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