write the answer to these questions just do paraphrase

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Chapter 1

Business Drive Technology

Learning Outcomes

1.1. Describe the information age and differences among data, information, business intelligence, and knowledge.

1.2. Explain systems thinking and how management information systems enable business communications.

Chapter 2

Identifying Competitive Advantages

Learning Outcomes

2.1. Explain why competitive advantages are temporary along with the four key areas of a SWOT analysis.

2.2 Describe Porter´s Five Force Model and explain each of the five forces.

2.3. Compare Porter´s three generic strategies

2.4. Demonstrate how a company can add value by using Porter´s value chain analysis.

Chapter 3

Strategic Initiatives for Implementing Competitive Advantages

Learning Outcomes

3.1. Identify an organization can use business process reengineering to improve its business.

3.2. Explain supply chain management and its role in business.

3.3. Explain customer relationship management systems and haw they organizations. understand their costumer.

3.4. Summarize the importance of enterprise resource planning systems.

Chapter 4

Measuring the Success of Strategic initiatives

Learning Outcomes

4.1. Define the primary MIS roles along with their associated responsibilities.

4.2. Define critical success factors (CFSs) and key performance indicators (KPLs) and explain how managers use them measure the success of MIS.

4.3. Explain why a business would use metrics to measure the success of strategic initiatives.

Chapter 5

Organizational Structures That Support Strategic Initiatives

Learning Outcomes

5.1. Explain information ethics and associated issue.

5.2. Describe information security and the difference between hackers and viruses.


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