self critique 1

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Please review your recording and hand in a full 2-3 page (no less than 2 pages) typed critical analysis focusing on your informative demonstration speech performance using Informative Speech the assessment form. I would also like you to assign yourself points (for your speech performance). Your paper should have a clear introduction, body and conclusion, with separate paragraphs for each division of the critique within the body.

  • The introduction to your paper should provide an overview to your critique.
  • Within the body of your paper, you should use the Informative Speech assessment form posted in the module as a guide to address each division (introduction, audience involvement, and the other sections).
  • Within the body of your paper, in a separate paragraph, please address how this assignment met any of the Cascadia Course Learning Outcomes for this course (please see the course syllabus for course learning outcomes).
  • In the conclusion to your paper, provide a summary of your overall speaking experience, including some challenges you faced while preparing for this assignment.
  • Paper must be double spaced and typed with 12 pt. Times New Roman font using standard margins (1” all around).

Throughout your paper, you should specifically highlight:

  • what you did well in each division (introduction, body, conclusion, etc..)
  • what you think you need to improve upon in each area (delivery included).

I have already seen your speech so please do not give me a summary of your main points. It is not your goal to persuade me that you were great. This will not affect your grade on your speech I am seeing if YOU understand what to look for when assessing a speech.

I have one already finished from my friend which is the same class with me. Please help me finish this really quick! Thanks.

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