apprise stakeholders of your strategic plans

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As a leader in your discipline/organization, you will often be required to apprise stakeholders of your strategic plans. For this assignment, assume the role of a leader in your organization. You have been asked to deliver a presentation to members of your organization’s Board of Directors to inform them of a planned change initiative in your organization.


Select a change initiative that is relevant to your organization. If you are not currently working for an organization that aligns with your degree program, create a hypothetical organization or choose an appropriate organization within your degree program’s discipline. When selecting your change initiative, consider the following:

  • What are the current problems in your organization that warrant a significant, planned change?
  • What disruptive innovations and/or current trends are driving organizational changes in your industry?

Assignment Deliverable:

Prepare a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation that addresses the following topics related to your planned change initiative:

  1. Overview of the Planned Change
  2. Analysis of the Present Reality, including the following:
  3. What factors are driving the planned change?
  4. What related processes/procedures are currently in place within your organization?
  5. Assess the preparedness of your organization to respond to the demands of the planned change.
  6. Vision of the Changed State, including the following:
  7. Describe the desired end state after the change initiative has concluded.
  8. Decision Process/Model, including the following:
  9. Propose a model that depicts the decision-making process that will be employed.
  10. Describe the overarching process.
  11. Discuss the following items:
  12. Your role in the decision-making process for the change initiative (i.e., to what extent will you encourage the participation of others in the decision-making process?)
  13. The rationale behind the proposed model
  14. How you will address and problems that may arise with the model

Generate detailed speaker’s notes for each of your content slides. Remember that your speaker’s notes should be written as if you were giving an actual presentation, so write well and communicate your information clearly. Speaker’s notes are typically written in the section below each slide. For this assignment, include your speaker’s notes within a separate Microsoft® Word document with a clear organizational structure. For example:

Slide 5: Analysis of Present Reality

The factors driving this change…

Support your speaker’s notes with appropriate citations and include a separate reference page in APA format.

Note: Your presentation must include an appropriate cover slide, agenda slide, and references slide.

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