neolithic reading two passages

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Hello I hope everything goes well. There are two passages one of them is 6 pages and the other is 4. Also I will write a questions on them please write them as Word document so I can study from them. Thanks a lot. I will attach two documents of word.

1- The Worst Mistake in the History of the Human Race

* Who worked harder-hunter gatherers or agriculturalists? How do we know? whose diet was better? how do we know?

* What is paleopathology? Be able ti briefly describe a few physical health problems agriculture had that hunter- gatherers did not and how we can tell.

* How did agriculture create inequality across gender and class?

2- History’s Biggest Fraud

* Where did agriculture first develop? Be able to state whether it developed independently in other regions or spread everywhere from one central place.

*According to Harari did agriculture provide more security ( food security and social ) that hunting and gathering? Why or Why not?

*How did agriculture affect the way women bore children?

*In Sapiens author Yuval Harari says We did not domesticate wheat. it domesticated us be able to explain what he means by this

& Both reading if agriculture sucks so much why did not people go back to hunting and gathering? Find a couple of possible answers

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