english assignments 4

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For the journal you will need to answer all the questions and they must be at least 300 words each. you will also need to comment on 2 students with 150 words each.

Assignemtn #1

Journal 1:

This week will continue watching videos attached to our unit on Social Media and Activism. Watch the TED Talk. After you have watched the TED Talk, answer the following questions in reply.

Here is a transcript of the TED Talk if you need to follow along or use it when you are working on your answers to the discussion questions: Transcript of Tufekci.


  1. What is the speaker’s main argument? Or what is her thesis? How did she come to argue this claim? What evidence led her to her conclusions?
  2. Name at least 3 specific examples/pieces of evidence she uses to support her argument?
  3. What was the biggest takeaway that you had from this video? What interested you the most?
  4. Who is the intended audience of her talk? What is her purpose?
  5. What is her tone? How does she sound when she talks? Is her tone successful in reaching her audience?



Assignment #2:

Annotation worksheet:

attached below

Assignment #3:


For our unit on social media, here are your choices for secondary print sources. For this assignment, you need to carefully read and annotate at least one of these articles of your choice. Peruse your options before picking a source.

STEP ONE: Choose a source.

  1. Berlatsky, Noah. “Hashtag Activism Isn’t a Cop-Out.” The Atlantic: Hashtag Activism Isn’t a Cop-Out.pdf
  2. Cauterucci, Christina. “The Lessons of Kong 2012.” Slate: The Lessons of Kony 2012.pdf
  3. Essig, Kate. “Activism or Slacktivism? How Social Media Hurts and Helps Student Activism.” Louis Public Radio: Activism Or Slacktivism.pdf. You can also listen to the recording of this article here:
  4. LaMotte, Sandee. “How #MeToo Could Move from Social Compaign to Social Change.” CNN. 9 November 2017. Click here to view. (Links to an external site.)
  5. Willingham, AJ. “Slacktivism is over. The #NeverAgain movement is about what’s next.” CNN: Slacktivism is over..pdf

STEP TWO: Fill out an annotation worksheet for your secondary source. Here is a blank Annotation Worksheet.

Assignment #4:

By now you have read Gladwell, Stone, and your secondary print source. For this week’s class discussion, please answer the following questions about the secondary source you chose to read this week. Responses to questions should be at least 100-150 words each.

  1. What source did you chose? Who wrote it? Where is it from? Why did you choose it?
  2. What is the author’s main argument?
  3. What are at least three examples from the text that prove the argument?
  4. What new information have you learned from this piece that add to your understanding of the topic, Gladwell, and/or Stone?
  5. What piece of information in the article interested you the most or what was your AHA moment reading the article? Why?

Remember in your answers to be as specific as possible.

All the best,



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