i need a one page response for this strategic management assignment

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Select one of the tools/techniques discussed in the Module 4 material related to assessing the organization’s external environment. Write a 1-page (approximately 300 – 325 word) response to the items below.

Note: Your paper must include separate headings so I can tell to which item you are responding.

  1. Define and describe the tool/technique. (Do so in enough detail to demonstrate your understanding of the tool’s elements and how it is typically used).
  1. Discuss the aspects or elements of the tool that appeal to you i.e. Why have I selected it; what information does it provide that I feel is particularly useful?
  1. Describe how I would apply the information obtained to “sharpen” my SP focus? i.e. How would the information obtained about the external environment help me with subsequent steps – internal environment assessment, strategy development, implementation?

(Consider how this would help my own organization. Indicate which organization I have used and NAME the organization).

The nonprofit organization being used for this entire class:


This upload did not come over clearly but this is the information we have to use to answer this assignment. Please look at the rubric at the end that the professor will use to grade this assignment!

(SP) Assessing the Organization’s Strategic Planning Readiness

The success of an organization’s strategic planning efforts or, for that matter, any change initiative it undertakes, is dependent on it’s readiness for and support of the initiative.

An organization’s culture, previous experience and typical responses to similar situations is an excellent predictor of its likely future behavior. Understanding this history and likely future response is critical to deciding if the strategic planning initiative should be undertaken, and if it is undertaken, what specific elements and issues need to be addressed to increase the likelihood that expected results will be achieved.


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