6 american gov questions

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1) Match the definitions with the terms.

possible answers: dissent, common law, charter, precedent, unicameral, bicameral.

a legislative branch with two houses
to disagree with a majority view
a term that describes unwritten laws that are based on customs, traditions, and prior judicial decisions
any decision that serves as a pattern for future decisions

a legislative branch with a single house

a grant by a sovereign power creating a new entity

2) Check all that apply.

Select THREE facts that describe a charter.

3) Check all that apply.

Select THREE principles guaranteed by the Magna Carta that later influenced some of the

fundamental principles found in the Constitution of the United States.

freedom of the press

representation of the people

separation of powers

limited government

rights and liberties for the individual such as trial by jury

federal system of government

4) Check all that apply.

Select the THREE fundamental principles widely applied by the governments established in

English North American colonies.

government that must represent the people

government that is not all-powerful

religious toleration

establishment of a state religion

freedom of the press


5) Select the best answer.

Why did the Puritans establish the Massachusetts Bay Colony?

They wished to avoid interaction with foreigners.

They hoped to make a fortune in order to send missionaries all over the world.

6) Select the best answer.

The ___ provided a framework for the first form of democratic government in the American colonies.

Jamestown Charter

Statutes for Religious Freedom

Declaration of Independence

Mayflower Compact

7) Match each statement with the type of colony it best describes.
possible answers: Royal, Charter, proprietary.

This colony was meant to bring revenue to England.

This colony was not strictly controlled; most of these types could make their own decisions.
This colony was under strict rule by a sovereign power
Often, this type of colony was established because of religious intolerance.
This colony’s governor answered directly to the king.

This colony’s landowner appointed a governor.

This colony’s governor was often elected by the people.


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