case study 1505

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You are about to embark on a job search as you approach graduation. You have gained much knowledge and many skills in your academic career.It is now time to identify the specific or ideal job you would like to obtain.Are you the right candidate for the job?What are your strength and weaknesses as compared to the position requirements?If you do not currently have the knowledge, skills and abilities (KSAs) required for the position, how do you plan on obtaining them?

Accordingly, you are going to research your ideal job and develop a list of the knowledge, skills and abilities (KSAs) required to obtain the position. Next you are going to compare the job requirements with your skills and document how you plan on filling the gaps in your skills. Finally you will research different approaches for conducting a job search that are available to you and then document, based on your research, how you plan on performing your job search.


  • Research your ideal job so that you understand all the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to be successful in that position.
  • Document the required knowledge, skills and abilities for that position and identify/compare your strengths and weaknesses accordingly.How will you obtain KSAs that you do not currently possess?
  • Research different methods for conducting a job search for this ideal position and document your plan.


  • Select a job title/classification/position that is of interest to you.Describe the responsibilities of the position.
  • Research the position to identify the knowledge skills and abilities necessary to perform that job.Research sources
  • List the knowledge, skills and abilities required for that position and make a list of your strengths and weaknesses. Compare your skills list against the list of KSAs for the position.For those KSAs that you currently do not have, describe how you plan to fill that gap.
  • Research and document in sufficient detail how you plan on conducting your job search.


  • All studies are to be professionally delivered in a MSWord or PDF document; spelling counts.
  • In performing your research, cite at least one website.
  • When including a link into your work, the link must work within Brightspace.Otherwise, it will be considered not included in your submission.Copy or Snipping Tool/Paste is the best way to include information from other sources.

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