discuses john edgar wideman s writing style in quot our time quot imagery metaphor simile etc

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Wideman’s writing style: John E. Wideman’s story is true; however, typical of fiction writers, Wideman uses imagery (metaphor, simile, etc.) to create drama in order to keep the reader engaged. Explore some of the images – discuss Wideman’s purpose in using them for impact, as he creates a balance between fact and fiction.

5 pages, double space (12 font), with your genuine response to quotes. including quotes:

1.Lying there in the bed with his bones poking through his skin, it made you want to cry. Garth’s barely able to talk, his smooth, mediumbrown skin yellow as pee. Ichabod legs and long hands and long feet, Garth could make you laugh just walking down the street.(843)

2.You know how they are down there. Have to be spitting blood to get attention. Then all they give you is a Band-Aid. He went back two times, but they kept telling him the same dumb thing. 851

3.If Robby tried to raise that arm it would come off in his hand. As gentle as he could would not be gentle enough. The arm would disintegrate, like a long ash off the end of a cigarette.(843)

4.He knew he’d let Garth down. If it had been one of the others dead, Michael or Cecil or Sowell or him, Garth wouldn’t let it slide by like this, wouldn’t let it end like so many other nights had ended, the fellows nodding off one by one, stupefied by smoke and drink, each one beginning to shop around in his mind, trying to figure whether or not he should turn in or if there was a lady somewhere who’d welcome him in her bed. No. Garth would have figured a way to make it special. (848)


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