discussion creating an evaluation plan

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Dr. Jones is thrilled with how you have grasped program evaluation components and processes. She is glad to have you on the program evaluation committee and wants you to begin planning! You and your program evaluation committee have a Program Evaluation Matrix that you will use for planning. You decide to begin by formulating objectives and identifying the various stakeholders that will be involved. You will present your initial ideas to Dr. Jones so she can provide feedback before you move forward with the rest of your planning.

To prepare

Review this week’s Learning Resources, focusing on:

  • Involving stakeholders during various stages of the program plan
  • Understanding the differing perspectives of stakeholders in the program evaluation process
  • The types of objectives on the Program Evaluation Matrix template

Post the following in response to Dr. Jones’ request for your initial program evaluation planning ideas:

  • Provide at least one program evaluation objective for two of the types of objectives on the Program Evaluation Matrix template. (my topic interest is located in the logic model flowchart)
  • Include one or more program evaluation questions related to each objective.
  • Identify potential stakeholders for two or more of your program evaluation questions and explain their role in the program evaluation process.
  • Support your post with two or more references to this week’s Learning Resources and/or scholarly sources within the last 5 years beyond the course material.


Chen, H. T. (2015). Practical program evaluation: Theory-driven evaluation and the integrated evaluation perspective (2nd ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.

  • Chapter 4, “Helping Stakeholders Clarify a Program Plan: Program Scope” (pp. 97–116)
  • Chapter 5, “Helping Stakeholders Clarify a Program Plan: Action Plan” (pp. 117–150)

Spaulding, D. T. (2014). Program evaluation in practice: Core concepts and examples for discussion and analysis (2nd ed.). San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.

Chapter 5, “Evaluation of a Community-Based Mentor Program” (pp. 89–99)




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