human rights and social injustice 1

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Consider the community that you are exploring for your Community Treasure Hunt assignment. Identify a challenge confronting people that threatens their human rights or is a social injustice.

Describe the issue in detail, applying the ecological/systems framework and identifying the impact of the challenge/problem you identified at each of the levels of the environment. Then focus on the exo/community level, and make recommendations for change that would address the problem/challenge you have identified.

Note that completing this assignment will help set you up for success in completing the case study on Enrique’s Journey (Nazario, 2007, 2014).

Your Tasks:

Please submit one original post (400-500 words)To receive full credit for this assignment, you must cite the text and required chapter reading when appropriate for the discussion prompt above. MUST cite one or two relevant peer-reviewed journal articles. (Articles may be cited in either your initial posting or your responses to peers.) Be sure that you have addressed all parts of the required response.

Required Readings

Textbook Readings

Kirst-Ashman, K. and Hull, G. (2018). Generalist practice with organizations and communities (7th ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage Learning.

Journal Articles

Ambrosino, R.N., Ambrosino, R. A., Heffernan, J. & Shuttlesworth, G. (2016). Chapter 3, The ecological/systems perspective. Social work and social welfare: An introduction (8th ed). Stamford, CT: Cengage Learning, pp. 53-80.


The community that I will be exploring for my community treasure hunt is Brownsville, Texas. The specific area codes are 78520 and 78521.

Heres some information about my community hunt that will be helpful.

My hometown Brownsville is the 16th largest cities in Texas, which I didn’t know! I though my city was very small. Brownsville is actually the largest in Rio Grande Valley located deep in South Texas, Cameron County. According to recent statistics by the US Census Bureau, covers an area of 342.69 km2 of land area and 35.65 km2 of water area. The community satisfies the criteria of a shared identity that defines a community because of people from different races, religious affiliation, age, gender, and nationality among other things. Everything about my city is interesting starting with it’s motto, “on the border by the sea” that requires one to know the city well to understand the meaning of the motto. Additionally, Brownsville is interesting because of its ideal nature with great temperatures and its historical records that are important for United States, especially the American Civil War, the Mexican American War, and Texas Revolution.

According to US Census Bureau, Brownsville is home to around 183, 299 American with an average median age of 30.3. The ratio of males to males is 0.9 to 1, of which the average median age of females is 32.9 years and for males is 27.2 years. Brownsville, Texas has a diverse population that is based on racial background with white population dominating over other races. Whites make up to 88% (170,000) of the total population, followed by other races with 9.1% (15, 000), then mixed races with 1.5% (2500), Asians with 0.7% (1100), African Americans with 0.4%, and American Indians with 0.4% (650). The whites population is broken into Hispanics, Latinos, or alone. Mexicans make up of 103, 000 out of the total whites population, Puerto Ricans 200, Cuban 150, Whites alone 10, 000, non-Hispanics/Latinos 12, 000, and other Hispanics/Latinos 23,000. In terms of education, only 4.7% of the total population have a graduate degree, 14% have bachelor’s degree, 5.9 associate degrees, 22.9% high school graduates, and 35% are under 12th grade.

Based on the size of the city,I will be focusing on the zip code 78520 and 78521. I plan to conduct a seven-day activity to collect comprehensive and sufficient information starting on Monday and ending on Sunday. I will do extensive research online on the area to determine any risk factors and barriers that will develop during my operation like communication barriers, language barriers, permits, security issues, cultural concerns, and restricted locations among others. I will identify community centers that can provide meaningful information regarding Brownsville like healthcare centers, schools, and social service agents among others.


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