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*LENGTH* one paragraph each!

For class SWK 5005: Unit5 Discussion 1

1. The Challenge of Understanding Cultural Practices

For class SWK 5005: Unit5 Discussion 1

Referencing the “Girl Summit: One Year On” document from this unit’s study, imagine you have accepted a position with UNICEF in the One Year On campaign to stop child early forced marriage (CEFM) and female genital mutilation (FGM). These practices have been part of the culture of many African nations for centuries. How do you explain to your social work colleagues you intend to work toward the eradication of a long-held cultural ceremony? On what basis do you choose to accept or reject others’ cultural behaviors? Since you are the immigrant to a different culture, explain how the African cultures might impact your cultural beliefs.

Resources you may need for assignment: “Girl Summit: One Year On” document below


Next set of discussion will be for class SWK 5007

1. Unit 1 Discussion 1: Difference Between Individual and Group Therapy

What are the important differences in format and procedure between individual and group therapy? Support your position with appropriate readings from the textbook and outside sources; cite sources using APA format.

2. Unit 3 Discussion 2: Case Work and Group Work

What is the difference between case work and group work? What interventions you would use with each? How are those interventions alike, and how are they different?

3. Unit 9 Discussion 1: Theories in Group Intervention

Identify two theories used for group interventions, and describe how you would use each theory separately with a group.

Proceed by explaining how some theories can be combined for effective group work. Identify theories that can be utilized together and provide a group work example.

Use your textbook or outside scholarly sources. Use APA format to cite sources.

4. Unit 10 Discussion 1: The Ethics of Advocating

Social workers have an ethical and moral responsibility to advocate for oppressed and marginalized populations. Yet, this position seems to compromise the proposed value-free neutrality. Using information gained from your textbook readings for this unit, argue for both sides of this debate.

5. Unit 6 Discussion 1: The Role of a Group Leader

What is the role of a group leader? According to your Introduction to Group Work Practice text, what behaviors define an effective group leader? Can you draw connections from those behaviors to the actions of either of the co-facilitators in the Understanding Group Psychotherapy Series video??

Link to video:



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