course project analysis documentation

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  1. Familiarize yourself with the analysis documentation phase.
  2. Identify Business rules.
  3. Define Software and System Requirements.
  4. Prioritize Requirements.

The purpose of this project phase is meant to obtain system and software requirements. These types of details are needed to show project costs and identify project resources.

Sometimes a prototype is designed and developed during this phase but it is not always required. A prototype is a mockup of the project or a sample of the product and a mockup will not be required for this assignment.

Your object is to learn how the analysis phase documentation affects the project plan. There a several components of this phase but you will only work with a couple components.

In this documentation component, you will write several business rules.

  1. Create another new paragraph in the Use-Case document started in the previous module that contains the business rules. A business rule is meant to help everyone understand the logic of each area of the service or product that is being developed.

    With a software application, a common business rule can be something validates user input controls. The business rules are regulated at the user interface and in the business logic layer of the source code. Depending on the complexity of the application source code, the business logic layer is managed within the syntax of the source code. Write several business rules that are applied to this web application for capturing form information into the database table columns First_Name, Last_Name and Telephone number.

  2. In this documentation component you will write the software and system requirements.

  3. Create another new paragraph with a heading that contains the system and software features. A software or system requirement is an item that describes a functional or non-functional requirement that gives the project development a purpose. A requirement can also be a user experience or interaction with the application. Write and describe several application requirements that users would experience or expect while using an application.
  4. In this component of the use-case documentation you will prioritize the requirements from most importance to least.

    The priority of the requirements is important that they are placed in the right order. If a requirement is not prioritized properly, that requirement might not be developed correctly. Other risks can cause the project to fail or a developer might need to redo work that would change project timelines and increase project costs.

  5. Create another section that prioritizes all of the project requirements from most important to least importance.

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