discussion what can you do with managerial accounting 1

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In your first discussion, you will consider the professional relevance of managerial accounting.

In your initial post, briefly research career opportunities that require knowledge or experience with managerial accounting. List at least two potential positions (including a link to the job posting or job description) that you personally found to be interesting or surprising, and explain why they were noteworthy to you.

In your responses to your peers, compare and contrast the career opportunities they found with your own selections. What trends can you see in the career potential for a person with a background in managerial accounting? Consider aspects such as salary and location, as well as the diversity of industries and companies mentioned. Is it fair to say that managerial accounting can open more doors than you had previously considered? Why or why not?

To complete this assignment, review the Discussion Rubric document.

Peer Post 1

Hey Class,

Two career opportunities that I found during my brief research on managerial accounting jobs are a Chief Financial Officer and Corporate Treasurer.

The definition of the job of Chief Financial Officer is someone who “runs all corporate finance functions on a day-to-day basis. The CFO acts as steward of the company’s assets, minimizing risk and making sure that the books and financial statements are correct. The CFO also needs to run an effective and efficient finance operation within the company.” I found this to be interesting as I was completely unaware that a career in managerial accounting could someday lead to a career as lucrative as a Chief Financial Officer. The anticipated earnings listed on the website above shows a salary range of $280,500 and $430,250 from 2013, which could certainly mean this range could be higher.

The second choice would be for a Corporate Treasurer which is someone who “take responsibility for all financial activities within a corporation, including managing liquidity risk, managing cash, issuing debt, hedging foreign exchange and interest rate risk, securitizing, overseeing pension investments, and managing capital structure.” Being a Corporate Treasurer would be another highly lucrative job with a listed salary range of $278,000 and $422,000 per year from 2013. This salary also is likely to have a higher range in 2019.

Both of these jobs would be extremely financially lucrative which would allow for a stable lifestyle where money would not be an issue. Although both of these jobs need a vast amount of experience, the ability to move through a business to one of these positions allows someone to have goals within a company and would make that person work extremely hard in both the career and likely additional education. Having two children I would like to be able to give them both a financially stable life, and be able to help them attain anything they wish. I currently am attaining my bachelors in accounting to move from law enforcement to a career in accounting. Being able to work up through a company is something that I wish to attain someday to benefit my family and whatever company I will be working for.

-Mike V


Peer Post 2

I’ll send when I get it


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