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1.Match the type of federal court with the correct description of the purpose of the court.

District court

Appellate court

Supreme Court

U.S. Court of International Trade


Final arbiter and has both original and appellate jurisdiction


Not a trial or fact-finding court, but mostly reviews district court decisions


Federal trial court and entry point into the federal system


Resolves disputes involving international trade

16 points


1.Match the specialized court with the correct description.

Drug court

Domestic violence court

Community court

Reentry court

Specialized court

Juvenile court

Sex offense court

Mental health court

Gun court

Homeless court


In its early years, relied on the parens patriae doctrine, but later evolved in the 20th century to include balanced and restorative justice, public safety, individual accountability, and offender services


A court that focuses on tailoring interventions to meeting the needs of victims, closely monitoring the offender, and enlisting community participation


A neighborhood-focused court that attempts to harness the power of the justice system to address local problems


A special court that offers first-time substance abuse offenders judicially mandated and court-supervised treatment alternatives to prison


A specialized court represented to take guns more seriously with early intervention, short-term intensive programs, and an educational focus


A specialized court designed to bring together the justice system and mental health agencies


A specialized court whose purpose is to resolve outstanding issues with homeless people and attempts to eliminate obstacles to their reintegration into society


A problem-solving court with specialized jurisdictions


A specialized court that increases sex offenders’ accountability, enhancing community safety, and ensuring victim safety


A court designed with the ultimate goal of reducing recidivism and prison return rates


1.Define the continuum of the five elements of discrimination, and describe each element.

Your response should be at least 200 words in length.


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