i need someone to check my grammer and all that

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please read carefully!!!!

I need you to correct this essay: grammer, spelling, ideas, word choice ,everything basically !

It is a summry for an interview and you should complete the last paraghraph with what you have learned from this person that I interviewed. Please do that part

I have always seen this student’s name around the campus, she was listed for the student of the month billboard and had received many school awards. Beatrice Montasino, is the student who caught my attention with her achievements and her intentions to help this world to be a better place for everyone. Beatrice is originally from El Salvador, and she moved to the USA when she was nine years old. Also, she graduated from Susquehanna University with a degree in Biology. Beatrice is very passionate about her major and genuinely seems to be interested in anything that is related to the Biology field.

Beatrice and I met at the campus of Susquehanna university by chance, and I decided to ask her few questions about her experience in life. She was born in 1991 in El Salvador and lived there for nine years. After that her parents decided to move to the USA, but they could not get approved. Although, they came as illegal immigrants and tried to get approval again. One day when she was coming back from school, her parents told her that they got the approval papers to stay legally in the USA. They struggled a lot trying to start a new life from the scratch and they were not welcomed in anyway in the USA, as she stated. Nonetheless, Beatrice and her family are thankful for the access to a better education and healthcare. Her parents worked in many different jobs to afford as much as they can to their children. She always had a dream of applying to a medical school and become a physician. Beatrice mentioned that she enjoys helping other people whenever she can, and it brings her good karma all the time. She volunteered in more than 20 different organizations and she still feels that she can offer more than what she has already done. Moreover, Beatrice just came back from her peace corps journey in Haiti and planning to apply for some medical schools by next year.

This young lady impressed me greatly. She is very appreciative to what the life gave her. Also, she is a dreamer and she work consonantly on achieving those dreams. and I hope she gets the chance to reach all her goals. Surprisingly, I used to have some goals that are similar to her goals. I always wanted to work as a physician and to be a helpful person in this world. Nonetheless, I have changed my major to Computer Science. Also, both of us had a part of our lives where we had to move from a country to another country and start a new life, and it was hard for both of us to do so. We have experienced the same feelings when we had to leave all our family to come to the USA. Also, being forced to learn and practice a new language was not easy too. However, we have both reached to a conclusion that life is full of lessons and you must learn them very well, otherwise you will be in the same situation repeatedly.

Regardless of what we both share of experiences, we are still different in many ways. Beatrice had a harsh life and she struggled a lot to have the access to the basic needs such as education. Also, having that access was not enough because the students and the teachers did not welcome her in school. She often gets many humiliations during school time or on her way to her house. I did not experience any of that at all, and I always had free access to school and healthcare too. Also, my parents have supported me financially all my life. It was hard for me to move from them and start a new life because I was too spoiled, and I did not what to do in the first few days in the USA.

Meeting Beatrice was a great honor. I have learned that titles make you underestimate people,


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