professional reflection assignment

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Complete the Professional Reflection Assignment, compose a document that addresses the following (Note: There are two sections to this Professional Reflection – your 5-Minute Pitch and your synthesis of what you consider to be the most important things that you learned this week):

Based on what you have read and your shared practice this week, what would be the most important elements that you could share with a hiring manager in the limited 5 minutes she has available to talk? With this in mind, develop a script for your 5-Minute Pitch as your first professional reflection that cohesively addresses the following:

  • After synthesizing the Discussion Board posts with this week’s resources, identify the three most important attributes—skills, behaviors, and characteristics—of effective managers and why you have selected these attributes, based on what you believe managers do.
  • Evaluate the extent to which you think you have the characteristics that managers possess, along with examples that illustrate these characteristics. (Remember, you are developing a script to make a case about why you would be effective in a new management role.)
  • Explain how you anticipate this knowledge will help you be an effective manager.
  • Delineate some specific reasons as to why you believe that some individuals are more successful as managers and others are not. Explain your reasoning. To what extent do the characteristics that you outlined contribute to success or failure?
  • What strategies will you use to continue to develop your skills and knowledge of your own strengths as they relate to your management success. What will you do (and not do) to ensure that you are an effective manager?

Following your 5-Minute Pitch, respond to the following, in which you:

  • Explain whether your opinion about management characteristics has changed as you examine this week’s Shared Practice posts from your colleagues. Describe the ways in which your thinking changed. If you did not change your thinking, what aspects of the Shared Practiced posts further informed your position? How do you think that seeking input from others can impact your thinking?
  • Summarize the three most important things that you learned this week—from the Learning Resources and Shared Practice post—about management characteristics or your own strengths and weaknesses, including why you selected them and how you will apply them to your role as a manager. This may include anything that surprised you.

Be sure to support your Professional Reflection using this week’s readings or other credible and relevant resources.

General Guidance: This week’s Professional Reflection submission should be about 1 page in length (remember the goal is to have a 5-minute speech, so you need to be succinct).

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