primary soures assignment

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Assignment 1:

See page xx in your text book under the title Competing Visions. This feature of your textbook introduces you to primary sources. Choose one of the options that interests you from chapters 2 to 14, or find a primary source critical of a US president from Washington to Grant using one of the following resources. (Links to an external site.)

(Links to an external site.) The largest collection of primary sources relating to the American presidency

Also see Yale University’s Avalon Project.

Complete the following…

Read the selection and state the title and page number or the link that locates your primary source. ANSWER HERE

What kind of primary sources are used in the selection – one sentence? ANSWER HERE

Who are the authors? Mention something about them that could color their opinions – two sentences. ANSWER HERE ( is a good source for learning about historical figures.)

Explain the conflict especially its significance to the history of the US in no more than 3 sentences? Be sure to consider both sides of the issue. ANSWER HERE.

NOTE: Explore the chapter to understand more about the primary sources and their authors.

Always submit your answer in doc or docx. This is the format that allows me to offer you maximum feedback.

Remember to always cite your sources if you search beyond the textbook.

Assignment 2:

1) Choose a North American first nation (tribe) and find and read its creation myth. Many Native American nations have web sites that contain this information. Be very careful to choose the tribal site or other scholarly source. In 3 sentences, describe the origins of the people that you selected. What is the story that explains how people were created? (For example: The Judeo-Christian creation story is the story of Adam and Eve.) Include your source. 40pts

2) Where did this civilization live (or still lives)? 10pts.

3) Your source – be sure that it is a scholarly one (no ‘new wave’ sites!) 40pts

Note: I limit your sentences so that you choose your words carefully. It’s important to learn to write succinctly. Write and rewrite to make sure that your meaning is clear and complete.

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