africana studies questions are below

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Each student is required to respond to each question as thoroughly as possible, evidencing that you have read and interpreted the reading(s) that address the questions. Each response should be at least one to two paragraphs for a total of ten to fourteen sentences minimum. Try to answer each question in the order in which it is given and to the best of your ability. Be thorough and creative! The total assignment should span between two (2) and four (4) typed double-spaced pages and should be written in Times New Roman 12-point font within 1-inch margins; while I have given the page range as a guideline, I am more concerned with the quality of the work instead of the quantity. So do your best and try to enjoy it.



2. Reflect on the origins of Africana (Black) Studies within the Western academy. Describe the emergence of Black Studies at SF State, a Predominately White Institution (PWI). What did the students want at SF state and how did they go about getting it and why? In responding to this question, you must include a discussion of Black power/ Revolutionary Nationalism, the BSU, the academic and social concerns of the students and the intentions of the college/university in the development of the discipline at SF state institutions. Be creative here. See: Carmichael’s “Black Power,” Karenga, Maulana. “Introduction” and Bunzel, John. “Black Studies at San Francisco State.”

3. Discuss the two phases or paths of Black Studies, according to Hare. Review the courses listed. In what ways do the course content and course objectives fulfill this two-phase path? What then is the goal of Black Studies according to Hare and what is a current definition of the discipline? For full credit you must include that you understand the two phases, examples of classes that support your answer, and clear interpretations of the definition and purpose of Black Studies. See: Hare, Nathan. “Questions and Answers About Black Studies” and Bunzel.

4. What is the role of European Americans within Black Studies as professors and students, according to Hare? What does it mean to deracicize white students? Be clear and specific. See: Hare, Nathan. “Questions and Answers About Black Studies”. You only need to read Hare to answer this question here. The term is explained in the reading.

5. What seems to be the purpose and necessity of Black/Africana Studies today, given when, why and how it emerges in the Western Academy? Isn’t overt and covert racism over and haven’t so many African American achieved the middle class? And are not college students well aware of Africana history, culture and experiences today? So why would Africana Studies still be important? Be creative here. For full credit you must support your ideas from ALL of the readings.


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