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Provide an example of classical conditioning from your life (or someone you know). In your example, specify each of the five factors involved in the classical conditioning relationship (Unconditioned Stimulus, Unconditioned Response, Neutral Stimulus, Conditioned Stimulus, and Conditioned Response).

Recall in the original example from Ivan Pavlov, he showed that dogs could be conditioned to salivate at the sound of a bell. He did this by repeatedly pairing the sound of a bell with food. Over time, the dogs began to anticipate food as soon as they heard the bell, causing them to salivate at the sound of the bell alone. In that case, the five factors were:

  • Unconditioned stimulus (US) = Food
  • Unconditioned response (UR) = Salivation
  • Neutral stimulus (NS) = Sound of a bell
  • Conditioned stimulus (CS) = Sound of a bell
  • Conditioned response (CR) = Salivation

Please format your five factors clearly like the example above so that everyone can get a good idea of what you are describing.As a reminder, the Unconditioned Response and the Conditioned Response will be the same thing, and the Neutral Stimulus and the Conditioned Stimulus will also be the same thing… We simply label them differently, before vs. after acquisition of learning has occurred.

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