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I. Please read “Dolores Huerta and the United Farmworkers” by Alicia Chavez, it’s Ch. 15 pp. 240-252 in the book Latina Legacies by edited by Vicki Ruiz et al.This is an E-book in our library. The easiest way to find it is to go to the library homepage, click on “library catalog” and do a title search.

 Please watch the following 7 minute interview with Dolores Huerta on the PBS NewsHour    http://www.pbs.org/newshour/bb/social_issues/jan-june12/doloreshuerta_05-30.html 

1.) What’s your gut reaction to both the reading and the interview?

The following questions pertain only to the reading:

2.) How did Dolores Huerta grow up?  What did her parents do for a living?  What do you think influenced her as a child or youth to pursue her path?

 3.) What work did Huerta do for the CSO ?  Give at least 2 specific achievements. Also give 2 examples of some of the projects Huerta worked on for the Nationall Farm Workers Association(NFWA)?

 4.) What were the major roles Huerta played as one of the leaders of the United Farm Workers Union (UFW)? One of the most important victories was the Agricultural Labor Relations Act.  Explain what this was and its significance.

 5.) What do you think about the difficulties Huerta and her family faced as she did her best to raise 11 children while a leader of a major movement?  What is gained and what is lost for women leaders raising children?


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