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APA format: In-text citation, reference page. 12 Pt Times New Roman. Completely original Work. No plagiarizing. Only trusted, verifiable, educational sources. minimum 2 paragraphs per question. must reflect personal opinion.

1.Locate information on the Tiffany versus eBay lawsuit and identify each sides arguments and who prevailed. What are the implications of that lawsuit for the sale of counterfeits in online auctions?

2.What is your understanding of Social Responsibility? Do you believe that corporations should be held social responsible for the environment they operate in? Yes or No? Give an example in your discussions.

3.Identifies an example for each “cause” why an ethical problem may occur in business. You may use the Internet or the local newspaper to research your ethical issues.

4.The AFL, IWW, and CIO were all created out of frustration with the existing dominant form of unionism at the time. Explain. What does this imply about the future of U.S. unionism?

5.Describe how the Knights of Labor, the American Federation of Labor, and the Industrial Workers of the World differed in their views of efficiency, equity, and voice. How about employers? What were their views of efficiency, equity, and voice during the open shop movement? Did these views change during the period of welfare capitalism?

6. It’s been written, “The attempt of persons to understand the forces remaking their world and, by organization, to control them, constitutes, indeed, the major motif of the social history of the late nineteenth century.” Describe how this statement applies to workers and their unions in different periods of labor history. How were employers more successful than employees in controlling these forces through creating and shaping their organizations


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